The Case of the Cockamamie Killer

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If it was strategy, it was misguided in this respect: But if Trump was being more subdued in the first debate than he knew he would be in future ones for whatever tactical reasons, the risk of doing so seems to have paid off bigly. In any case, the audience will be there for Debate Three. Hillary Clinton is strong.

The Case of the Cockamamie Killer by David M Brown

No matter how tired and weary and collapsing and decrepit she may be feeling at any particular moment, her lust for power so that she can help us and the kids will keep her valiantly crawling feebly forward. A Tragedy of Bill Shake-a-speare. Read The Case of the Cockamamie Killer. Um, just cut my taxes.

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Let me hasten to assure you that the stuff I spend my money on is very important to me. I always spend it on whatever is the highest priority to me at that moment. Forget the social engineering. Just let me keep my money. Anybody with the job of being just and objective for a living who allows other considerations short of a gun being held to his head to cause him to be unjust and non-objective has willfully violated the fundamental principles it is the purpose of his job to uphold and apply. Anyone at any stage in the judicial process who deliberate fails to do his job because he anticipates that others would fail to do their job if he does his properly is defaulting on his responsibility.

He is not responsible for what others do.

October 6, 2016

He is responsible for what he does. There are no grounds for believing this. The structure of the electoral process is such that voters first choose among potential nominees for the parties; this is the primary process. After the primary elections, we have the general election. In the United States, two parties are dominant.

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They are called the Republicans and the Democrats. In most presidential elections, including this one, the overwhelming likelihood is that the winner of the general election will be either a Republican or a Democrat.

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Preferring one candidate to the other listed on the general election ballot does not preclude any possibility of affecting political life for the better over the next four years. I worka hard in this country. I gotta wife, I gotta kids.

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She gotta tube, ten tubes. I gotta two jobs, you know.

The other one and this. Every man gotta right to gotta job or two jobs. I will send a hit man after your mother! You gotta one thousand dollars in-a your pocket?

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On the right a vermouth K-Car was speeding past with a ten-year-old boy in the back seat punching his sister. The tire missed his sneaker by an inch.

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To his left, a rusty-chromed Toyota or Volvo. A coffee cup clipped his knee at fifty miles an hour. Charon flourished the twenty-dollar bill. A car slowed down for him. The driver was pretty and had fluffy blond hair. If only the tone and humour was like this all the way through. Innocent people are killed hideously for no good reason, harmless people are tortured viciously for no good reason, and Charon is about as worthless a piece of shit as you can imagine a hard-boiled detective being.

At least when Bogart played a dick, you felt there was a gritty heart of humanity somewhere inside that dickish persona. Brown, from his blog, is an author vastly impressed by his own clevernesss and writing ability.