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If you were to happen to leave your phone unlocked, someone can just open the app and get the codes without having to type in a PIN or authenticate with TouchID. This is a security flaw. Or at the very least a PIN prompt when you open the app. Authy is sooooo much easier to use. This app used to be easier to transfer to new devices and setup in After app updates on my iPhone I had to re-setup some of my google accounts that required this Authenticator. My apps obviously required me to use Authenticator. But then my Authenticator also required me to use my google accounts! A bit frustrating but workable, right?

Just log into my google account sign in and security settings on my laptop to setup my Authenticator first, right?


It's stupidly difficult to navigate through the labyrinthine security settings pages in google to find the passcodes or the QR image that I need to setup Authenticator on my phone. I couldn't find it.

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I even googled on how to find it and couldn't find the answers. This is multiple layers of Google fail. So I just gave up. Switched off 2-factor sign in and deleted this useless app, much to my disappointment and security downsides. Google really needs to simplify all the crazy complexity and cognitive bloat they are creating in their ecosystem of stuff. Their "material" UI design looks nice superficially but is in fact very poor UX - It's just all labyrinthine.

Nothing is "obvious" and intuitive. When you have several AWS entries where the only distinguishing thing is a digit number that is not visible on the web login screen A simple edit to the account name is all I ask for. To get the best experience, you should let the app get notifications when you're asked. For a personal Microsoft account one that you use to sign in to Outlook. If possible, go to the Additional security verification screen on another PC or device. For information about how to get to this screen, see Changing your security settings or contact your administrator.

If your administrator has turned on the security info preview experience, you can follow the instructions in the Set up security info to use an authenticator app section.

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Check the box next to Authenticator app , and then select Configure. The Configure mobile app screen appears with a QR code for you to scan with the authenticator app. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app. On the Accounts screen, select Add account , and then select Work or school account. The Accounts screen of the app shows you your account name and a six-digit verification code.

For additional security, the verification code changes every 30 seconds preventing you from using the same code twice. Go to the Additional security verification screen. For information on how to get to this screen, see Changing your security settings.


Copy the code and URL information from the Configure mobile app screen so you can manually type them into the QR scanner. Your organization might require a PIN to complete your identity verification. You can set up the Microsoft Authenticator app to use your device's fingerprint or facial recognition capabilities instead of a PIN. You can set this up the first time you use the authenticator app to verify your account, by selecting the option to use your device biometric capabilities as identification instead of your PIN.

If you chose to use verification codes in the app, you'll start to see them on the Accounts page.

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The codes change every 30 seconds so that you always have a new code when you need one. But you don't need to do anything with them until you sign in and are prompted to enter a verification code. If you want more information about two-step verification, see Set up my account for two-step verification. If you want more information about security info, see Manage your security info. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.