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Avenger's Angel (The Lost Angels, #1) by Heather Killough-Walden

P tongue to her love of the camera You could find us, me and my sister, most mornings snuggled together in our little bed. I sure miss her: Her spirit lives on I try to wear my angel wings everyday. But sometimes I d like to take them off and beat somebody with them!

Dank, Facebook, and Angel: Bae, Drugs, and Lol: Trying to be romantic with bae but sucking at it like Sorry think of a better one than Rautie Love you Cutie pies Inga Sorry. Ha ha ya, I turned myself off too so I'll just stop. But sometimes I'd like to take them off and beat somebody with them! Ellie has always been different, she can heal and do other things she can not explain how or why.

She has hidden her talents in fear of being taken for research. I absolutely loved the first meeting with these two. I always love it when an author can really get you into the moment! He then sets out to prove to Ellie that she is his soulmate. He is upset he was not created a soulmate so he would no longer be lonely. He also happens to find Ellie and also tries to get Ellie by any means necessary.

I did not feel as others did a big connection to Sam and Ellie. He is lonely and i got the feeling he would settle for any of the archesses. I think the book needed at least one more sex scene that was more romantic then the first time or slower at least with more feeling from both sides. There was only one sex scene in the book.

Can not wait for the second book!! Feb 07, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: The four archangels - Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Azrael - fell to earth years ago, to search for the archesses - soul mates - that the Old Mam [God? Fellow archangel Samael - AKA The Dark Prince - follows the brothers down to earth, as he is jealous that they have archesses and, so, he intends to take them for himself.

The second he sees Eleanore he realises that she is his archesse, so all is good. Eleanore Granger has had strange powers her whole life; telekinesis, healing and ability to control the weather. Her parents have tried to hide her abilities and protect her, but some shadowy organisation has been hunting her since she was little. So as she has been trying to fade into the background for most of her life she is not at all impressed by Christopher's high-profile life. With the shadowy organisation and Samael both closing in on her, can Uriel convince her that he really is a immortal archangel?

And how will she react to the revelation that she was created just for him? The main storyline isn't anything new, but it is well written, the main characters aren't whiny and annoying and the mythical elements that dress everything up are interesting and well researched. I also like how the other three brothers are also in the story so we can get a feel about how their characters will be like in future books, but their inclusion doesn't feel forced.

For me - although Michael and Gabriel seem like their stories will be strong enough - Azrael [The Angel of Death] seems to be the most interesting character and I can't wait for his book. Oct 13, Jen Davis rated it liked it. This was a book with potential. But before they could join with their archesses, members of their brethren interfered, wanting the women for themselves.

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The creator sent the women to earth to protect them, and their mates chose to fall, in order to find them among the humans. Presumably, each archangel will get his own book as the series progresses. This one features Uriel, the first of the four to finally find This was a book with potential. This one features Uriel, the first of the four to finally find his archess.

Uriel is living as a popular actor a la Robert Pattinson when he stumbles across Ellie at a book signing.

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She has no idea what she is or that angels even exist. But she has had mysterious powers all of her life and she is inexorably drawn to Uriel. There are two main foils for their relationship. He also followed the women to earth and is determined to make Ellie, his. The other problem is a mysterious group of men that has been tracking Ellie and her powers since childhood. All of this sounds pretty good, but something didn't quite connect for me in the execution.

There was a lot of repetition, especially in the early part of the book. Ellie's attraction to Samael was, while understandable, somewhat off putting. But the biggest problem for me was the lack of a discernible build. Uriel was besotted at first sight. Ellie's resistance was laughable. It's like she's supposed to be tough and strong, but also this shining beacon of good. Meanwhile, Uriel is a perfect, gorgeous, rich movie star. As if being a freaking angel didn't make him spectacular enough. It just didn't live up to its potential.

The scene stealers in the story were Samael and vampire-angel Azriel. Perhaps, a story featuring one of them would grab me more. Jun 28, Gawelleb marked it as pas-eu-le-courage-de-finir. Il y avait de bons arguments Nov 21, Libby Wyatt rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm a sucker when it comes to books about Angels so I was hooked before reading it. This is very much an adult fiction so it was an interesting read as it was defiantly a new genre for me.

I love the possessiveness of Uriel for Ellie and their steamy sessions were pretty well written. Haha there was certainly a lot of drama and it was very much problem after problem which made it a quick read and hard to put down as I wanted to know how our heroes would overcome these dramas. Loved the quick rea I'm a sucker when it comes to books about Angels so I was hooked before reading it. Loved the quick read and look forward to reading the rest of the series Feb 10, Halima rated it it was ok Shelves: I was wandering around in the library with sushi and a fresh box of mango chunks when I stumbled quite literally upon this, so I picked it up and sat by the window preparing to read.

Reaching page , it suddenly dawned upon me that this book was terribly written and I had no idea why I was reading it as a side project. Back to the sushi it seems. November 8th, Fiction — Adult: Unfortunately, an uprising threatening their safety made it necessary to cast them down to earth. Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Azrael have been searching for their archesses for thousands of years. With danger closing in on them, will he be able to convince her of his devotion? As a being of free will, Ellie must come to love Uriel and accept her destiny. With good reason she has been hiding her abilities all her life.

The idea to have them search for their soul mates attracted me right away and I knew I had to review this book. After enough background was given to get a rough idea of what the reader could expect the author fast-forwarded to the present and the story developed from then on. An archangel turned vampire with the powers of a reaper - a fascinating concept for sure. A needed element of suspense was given in form of a fifth archangel, who had followed them to earth with the intention of claiming one of the four archesses as his queen.

I was surprised at myself for taking an immediate liking to him. Also, he was the first to acknowledge that Ellie was her own person and not to be forced into a bond. Each archangel led a specific life on earth, which in turn, gave the others a chance at an individual storyline. The author did a good job of bringing the struggle of surviving their human condition across.

See a Problem?

I love, love, love a paranormal romance that had its hand in the contemporary cookie jar. It made things interesting, especially because Ellie was well aware of who Christopher was, and kind of scolded herself for finding him attractive. She had wit and was brave in the face of one surprise after another. She had every right to be afraid and confused. As I was reading a thought popped into my mind. She had no knowledge of being someones soul mate, but knew something must be the cause for her to have healing powers. No dummy this one. How did I picture Uriel? I was done for when he brought her coffee in the morning.

He could be a bit of an ass, an arrogant and VERY dominant ass. Prepare yourself for sizzling vampire sexy-schmexy. The built-up slowed down a bit after a great first few chapters and I was missing some Uriel-Ellie one-on-one time. Oh boy, oh boy, did it change for the better. My favorite moment was when he had to fight his vampire instincts and keep it together around her. Same goes for the suspense: Nonetheless, I absolutely enjoyed this read and recommend it to all fans of PNR.

Loved the plot twist in the end! A few of my favorite quotes for those of you who are interested: She was his arches. And she was…scowling at him? It was devouring the core of his being. Like, The Princess Bride, five best kisses ever kisser. Was Richard Armitage in here somewhere, too? Her creep-out-o-meter had just pretty much exploded. Nov 30, Sandy M rated it really liked it Shelves: Goodness, I have to say Heather Killough-Walden keeps the twists and turns coming in this first book of her new Lost Angels series.

I like the concept of the four favorite Archangels being given freewill to come down to earth to locate their Archesses - their soul mates. Uriel, the former Angel of Vengeance, is up first.

Avenger's Angel

Having moved all over the country to keep her secret hidden, Eleanore is finally weary enough to think about staying put and fighting all who might want to use her abilities for their own gain. Unbeknownst to Eleanore, however, Samuel is truly Samael, the Fallen One, first archangel cast out and who is doing all he can to get his hands on an Archess. But she also gets some excitement out of it a few times, one being when Uriel flies her across the sky and along the coast and other places. I could go for that myself. Even in this form, however, Ellie discovers things about Uriel that cast him in a new light for her, touches her heart, and re-enforces her love for him.

Uriel, of course, would die for her, if it ever comes to that. How close does he come? I thoroughly enjoyed it. But then it dawns me - for some reason I seem to be slow on this - after Uriel calls the other angels his brothers for the twentieth or so time that this deity is their father. Thus Old Man, as a lot of kids use to refer to dear old dad. Made more sense then. The new enemy I mentioned is one of those twists in the book. Killough-Walden does a very nice job at distraction and misdirection when it comes to these powerful evildoers, the Adarians.

The powers all the characters are given throughout are a lot of fun, whether for good or bad. Yeah, I know, because it makes the fighting more interesting, tipping the scales in favor of the enemy so that triumph over them is more satisfying, but it would be nice to see those angels flexing some of those other abilities.

That makes me wonder if perhaps down the road he might be redeemed and get his own heroine. I sure hope so. It would be fun to see his reactions to a soul mate loving him, trusting him, wanting him. Samael is even more striking, more powerful than the angels, but he has that smirk and attitude, an arrogance that drives you nuts when he uses it all for evil. But seeing how Ellie pulls something unexpected out of him, you can just imagine what a soul mate would do to him. One thing that has bothered me once I started reading is the cover of this book.

That cover just shouts exactly what this story is about, especially once you get to the end of the book. The former Archangel Messenger, Gabriel, is next, and I wanted to get the flavor of his story. See my complete review at http: Everyone knows my love for angels and honestly, I think this is one of my favorites. The world, the characters, the story; everything just fit so well. I absolutely fell in love with this book and It seems I have found another great series full of hot brothers that kick lots of ass.

So th Review posted here: So that is definitely a bonus. I loved our main characters. Uriel, the Angel of Vengeance, is a famous actor. His movie is based on a book that just happens to have a book signing at a bookstore where his soulmate archess , Eleanore Ellie , works. She has no idea what she is, but she knows of her powers healing and manipulating the weather and is trying very hard to stay low-key.

I really liked Ellie. She went out of her to always help those in need even though it drained her and could expose her to her enemies. She never gave it a second thought and that is always a nice thing to find in a good heroine. She was strong and vulnerable all at once. They were all hot, but I think my favorite of the four was Azrael. He is not only an angel, but a vampire. He helped Uriel the most when it came to Eleanore, well he sort of had to, given that Uriel was cursed and ended a vampire like him.

There was a sweet chemistry between him and Ellie. Like him looking out for a sister even though he barely knew her. But I pray his book is next, I am very curious about him. Seriously, I know you guys will love him. But like many great love stories, they need a villain and boy did we get one. So when he learns of Eleanore, he puts together a very clever and manipulative plot of getting her. He is the devil for all intents and purposes, but there was one scene in this book that made me unsure of him.

And I actually believe he was being sincere in his weird way. We know he has lied about something about himself and what he actually is and his intentions are very unclear. I am a sucker for a great villain and I think Samael might be a favorite. I love where this story takes us. I like the idea of archangels coming to Earth to find the women that were made for them. And the things all these archangels do just to save Eleanore, made me love them that much more. I am definitely curious about the development here and what this means for the other archesses to comes.

I liked that little bit and following Sameal, we get a taste of the man he is, but he is a very complex character. He adds a lot of mystery to this book. It was explained in the book and I understand it. I like that Uriel and Ellie are in love and all. But it still makes me feel a little off and not in a fun way.

The sex scene was a tad bit too much for me. Since Uriel was a vampire, he has extra powers specifically mind control. I know this sounds weird coming from me, but if you have read this, please tell me what you thought. Is it just me or what? I mean I understand it is what Ellie truly wanted, from what Uriel read in her head.

But since it is her first time, why not make it steamy, slow, and sweet? Maybe it is just me because BDSM is a genre I am yet to start really need to ease me into this sort of stuff. I am not a prude, but I am still a good-old Southern girl. But I was a little disappointed with this scene and I was dying for it. Then again, after it was done, we find out Ellie may have been a virgin, but she was kinky.

But seriously, why was the mind control needed? We know they want each other, why not let it happen naturally? Well, as natural as a vampire-angel hybrid and an angel can be together. Overall, I still enjoyed myself with this book. I love how all the plots merged together and I love knowing there will be more to come. These archangels really are to die for. I just pray the sex scene in the next one is better. Aug 04, Katie babs rated it it was ok. But before the angels could claim their mates, the archesses were scattered on Earth and lost.

For two-thousand years, these four men have searched for their mates. Uriel now goes by Christopher Daniels, a heartthrob known for his wonderful acting skills as a vampire think Robert Pattinson from the Twilight movie series. Uriel has his other three former angel buddies to keep him company. Michael, Gabriel and Azrael, including Max, their guardian all lend their support.

Uriel is on his way to a book signing and meets, Eleanore Granger, one of the employees there. The moment they meet, Uriel is stunned because Eleanore is his missing archess. Ellie thinks Uriel is some rich, playboy actor who is too handsome for his own good. He asks her out and she refuses. Ellie has special abilities where she can change the weather, use telekinesis and many other things with a simple thought. Around the time Uriel finds Ellie, Samael does also.

The Old Man never gave Samael his own archess. And when Uriel signs an unholy contract with Samael for equal time to Ellie, he becomes something he has only played on the big screen. Now time is running out because Ellie is not only a target of Samael, who treats her claiming as a big game, but the men Ellie is on the run from have found her and not only want her but now Uriel. She uses her real name. I would think that would cause major issues if some underground government group is searching for you and have the means to locate you. And also, this secondary story with Ellie seems out of place in a novel like this.

Ellie was sheltered as a child and teen because her parents hid her from the world for her own protection. Now Ellie has been out in the world and is in her twenties. Ellie has never been kissed. Her first kiss is from Uriel. Is Ellie his first kiss? Uriel is a weakly written character. Also the chemistry between him and Ellie lacks that major spark. Their romance is very tame and subtle. Hopefully Heather can ramp up the passion and create a more intriguing hero the next time around and not rely on situations and other minded plots that can be found in many books in this genre.

Sep 12, Dark Faerie Tales rated it liked it Shelves: Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales. A well-developed world with slow parts and characters that were hard to connect with. The archangel Michael gripped the rock in his right hand so hard that his fingers left imprints in the stone. Do you even have free will if your mate has been determined for you from the start? This is one conflict that Eleanore Granger must go through when determining her relationship with the archangel Uriel.

Many years passed and the angels had never found any evidence of their mates, until Uriel walks into a bookstore and sees Eleanore. But not only that Ellie is hiding a secret. She has secret powers that she must keep hidden and since she was a teenager there are people out looking for her. She must keep hidden and being the girlfriend of a popular actor would definitely give her some notoriety.

The men would surely find her. Uriel and Eleanore have to deal with another threat with the archangel Samael. He wants Eleanore as his own archess and makes deals with both Uriel and Eleanore that have drastic consequences on their relationship. I had mixed feelings about this book.

I really liked the concept of these two people meeting, especially how they met. I enjoyed the concept of the fallen angels and the women that were made for them. I never really thought of the loss of free will for these women until it was mentioned in passing in the book. Parts of this book had some interaction scenes between the characters but there were a lot of slow passages in between.

Even with the slow scenes setting up this world, I really enjoyed the development that went into creating this world. I had a really hard time with one of the sex scenes — it really felt like a rape scene to me — he forces himself into her mind and forces her to submit to him. It seemed as though he took all of her will power. I think because of this I had a hard time connecting with the characters, Uriel more so than Eleanore. Eleanore was a tough woman when she needed to be. For the most part, I liked her, I just wish I understood her feelings better as the story went along.

As the first book in a series, it was a decent enough read that I would pick up the next book in the series. Somehow, it made him love her even more. He swore under his breath and bit back his groan. He watched as she tentatively placed a slim-fingered hand on the wall and peeked her hea around the corner of the entry hall into the foyer.

The hair slipped from her neck when she didm exposing the long, slim column of her throat. He bit back another groan. And there it was. Fuck me, he thought. I do love her.

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I love everything about her. She was his archess, after all. It was a new emotion for him, and it was bewildering in its own right. Heather Killough-Walden is a California native currently living in Texas with her husband and child. She has traveled all over the world but hopes to one day live in a town with a world-class hockey team. Also, be sure to keep in touch with her and other fans through her Facebook fan page and through Twitter killoughwalden! Other books in the series. The Lost Angels 5 books.

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