La historia oculta del régimen militar (Spanish Edition)

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Pinochet was publicly known as a man with a lack of culture. This image was reinforced by the fact that he also portrayed himself as a common man with simple ideas. He was also known for being reserved, sharing little about his opinions or feelings. During his lifetime, Pinochet amassed more than 55, books in his private library, worth an estimated 2,, US dollars — The extent of his library was only known to the public after a police inspection in January Supporters sometimes refer to Pinochet as mi general the military salutation for a general while opponents call him pinocho Spanish for " Pinocchio ", from the children's story.

Since the Riggs Bank scandal he has been referred to sarcastically as Daniel Lopez , one of the fake identities he used to deposit money in the bank. The case was a watershed event in judicial history, as it was the first time that a former government head was arrested on the principle of universal jurisdiction.

After having been placed under house arrest in Britain in October and initiating a judicial and public relations battle, the latter run by Thatcherite political operative Patrick Robertson, [] he was eventually released in March on medical grounds by the Home Secretary Jack Straw without facing trial.

Straw had overruled a House of Lords decision to extradite Pinochet to face trial in Spain. Pinochet returned to Chile on 3 March, His first act when landing in Santiago's airport was to triumphantly get up from his wheelchair to the acclaim of his supporters. In March , Congress approved a constitutional amendment creating the status of "ex-president," which granted its holder immunity from prosecution and a financial allowance; this replaced Pinochet's senatorship-for-life. However, in July , the Supreme Court dismissed Pinochet's indictment in the various human rights abuse cases, for medical reasons vascular dementia.

The debate concerned Pinochet's mental faculties, his legal team claiming that he was senile and could not remember, while others including several physicians claimed that he was only affected physically but retained all control of his faculties. The same year, the prosecuting attorney Hugo Guttierez, in charge of the Caravan of Death case, declared, "Our country has the degree of justice that the political transition permits us to have.

Pinochet resigned from his senatorial seat shortly after the Supreme Court's July ruling. In May , the Supreme Court overturned its precedent decision, and ruled that he was capable of standing trial. In arguing their case, the prosecution presented a recent TV interview Pinochet had given for a Miami-based television network, which raised doubts about his alleged mental incapacity.

In December , he was charged with several crimes, including the assassination of General Prats and the Operation Colombo case in which died, and was again placed under house arrest. He suffered a stroke on 18 December And if it were true, I don't remember. In January , the Chilean Army accepted institutional responsibility for past human rights abuses. On 25 November , Pinochet marked his 91st birthday by having his wife read a statement he had written to admirers present for his birthday: However, Pinochet died a few days later, on 10 December , without having been convicted of any of the crimes of which he was accused.

This is a sad, sordid tale of money laundering involving Pinochet accounts at multiple financial institutions using alias names, offshore accounts, and close associates. As a former General and President of Chile, Pinochet was a well-known human rights violator and violent dictator. In January , daughter Lucia Pinochet was detained at Washington DC-Dulles airport and subsequently deported while attempting to evade the tax charges in Chile.

Furthermore, in , fifteen years of investigation led to the conclusion that the assassination of DINA Colonel Gerardo Huber was most probably related to various illegal arms traffic carried out, after Pinochet's resignation from power, by military circles very close to himself. The deal involved tons of weapons, sold to Croatia by Chile on 7 December , when the former country was under a United Nations ' embargo because of the support for Croatia war in Yugoslavia.

Pinochet was at the center of this illegal arms trade, receiving money through various offshores and front companies , including the Banco Coutts International in Miami. Arguing that the bodies of the " disappeared " were still missing, he made jurisprudence , which had as effect to lift any prescription on the crimes committed by the military.

Pinochet's trial continued until his death on 10 December , with an alternation of indictments for specific cases, lifting of immunities by the Supreme Court or to the contrary immunity from prosecution, with his health a main argument for, or against, his prosecution.

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However, he was deemed fit to stand trial for Operation Colombo , during which political opponents were "disappeared" in Argentina. The Chilean justice also lifted his immunity on the Villa Grimaldi case, a detention and torture center in the outskirts of Santiago. Pinochet, who still benefited from a reputation of righteousness from his supporters, lost legitimacy when he was put under house arrest on tax fraud and passport forgery, following the publication by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of a report concerning the Riggs Bank in July The report was a consequence of investigations on financial funding of the 11 September attacks in the US.

According to the report, Riggs participated in money laundering for Pinochet, setting up offshore shell corporations referring to Pinochet as only "a former public official" , and hiding his accounts from regulatory agencies. Related to Pinochet's and his family secret bank accounts in United States and in Caribbean islands, this tax fraud filing for an amount of 27 million dollars shocked the conservative sectors who still supported him.

For the fourth time in seven years, Pinochet was indicted by the Chilean justice. Pinochet suffered a heart attack on the morning of 3 December , and subsequently the same day he was given the last rites. On 4 December , the Chilean Court of Appeals ordered the suspension of his house arrest. On 10 December at Massive spontaneous street demonstrations broke out throughout the country upon the news of his death. In Santiago, opponents celebrated his death in Alameda Avenue, while supporters grieved outside the Military Hospital.

During this ceremony, Francisco Cuadrado Prats—the grandson of Carlos Prats a former Commander-in-Chief of the Army in the Allende government who was murdered by Pinochet's secret police —spat on the coffin, and was quickly surrounded by supporters of Pinochet, who kicked and insulted him. Pinochet's funeral took place the following day at the same venue before a gathering of 60, supporters. In a government decision, he was not granted a state funeral an honor normally bestowed upon past presidents of Chile but a military funeral as former commander-in-chief of the Army appointed by Allende.

The government also refused to declare an official national day of mourning , but it did authorize flags at military barracks to be flown at half staff , and for the Chilean flag to be draped on Pinochet's coffin. Socialist President Michelle Bachelet , whose father Alberto was temporarily imprisoned and tortured after the coup and died shortly afterwards from heart complications, said that it would be "a violation of [her] conscience" to attend a state funeral for Pinochet.

In Spain, supporters of late dictator Francisco Franco paid homage to Pinochet. Antonio Tejero , who led the failed coup of , attended a memorial service in Madrid. The armed forces refused to allow his ashes to be deposited on military property. Pinochet's regime was responsible for various human rights abuses during its reign, including forced disappearances , murder and torture of political opponents.

According to a government commission report that included testimony from more than 30, people, Pinochet's government killed at least 3, people and tortured about 29, Two-thirds of the cases listed in the report happened in Professor Clive Foss , in The Tyrants: Additionally, hundreds of thousands left the country in the wake of the economic crises that followed the military coup during the s and s. According to Peter Kornbluh in The Pinochet File , "routine sadism was taken to extremes" in the prison camps. The rape of women was common, including sexual torture such as the insertion of rats into genitals and "unnatural acts involving dogs.

At Villa Grimaldi , prisoners were dragged into the parking lot and had the bones in their legs crushed as they were run over with trucks. Some died from torture; prisoners were beaten with chains and left to die from internal injuries. The practice of murdering political opponents via " death flights ", employed by the juntas of Argentina and Chile, has been the subject of numerous alt-right internet memes , with the suggestion that political enemies and leftists be given "free helicopter rides. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Former dictator of the republic of Chile.

For the social critic, see Tancredo Pinochet. This name uses Spanish naming customs: President of the Government Junta of Chile. Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army. United States intervention in Chile. Government Junta of Chile Military government of Chile — Operation Condor and Indictment and arrest of Augusto Pinochet. Silver rush Wheat cycle Early coal mining Long Depression.

Chilean transition to democracy. Indictment and arrest of Augusto Pinochet. Recordings with the former, and more common, pronunciation can be found: Retrieved 27 August The magazine was subsequently censored out of the newsagent's shop and its staff imprisoned. Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

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La historia oculta del régimen militar : memoria de una época 1973-1988

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The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Speech on Pinochet at the Conservative Party Conference. The London Clinic in Spanish. El Mostrador in Spanish. A Fujimori le gustaba que lo llamaran "Chinochet " ". Retrieved November 30, Retrieved June 5, This wanton disregard for human life is hilarious to many in the alt-right. Starting in mid , certain boards began suggesting progressive political opponents be given 'helicopter rides'.

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Fidel Castro la historia no contada - documental de la revolución cubana

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