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Adventures of Supergirl

The title was relaunched from issue 1, as part of 's The New 52 by the creative team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales. Superheroes at large have appeared only in the past five years, and are viewed with at best, suspicion, and at worst, outright hostility. The first issue has had five printings as of March The first story arc of the relaunched series, entitled Superman and the Men of Steel for the collected edition, begins very early in Superman's career as he starts making a name for himself as a champion of the oppressed in Metropolis.

He captures the attention of the military and scientist Lex Luthor, who are both interested in testing his capabilities as well as discovering what kind of threat he represents. Following the completion of Morrison's storyline, writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel became the new creative team on the title with issue 19, where unlike the previous issues, the setting for the Action Comics series would now take place in the present. Diggle announced his resignation as the writer of the series shortly before his first issue went on sale.

Scott Lobdell wrote the series after Diggle and Daniel's departure. For the series' th issue —released on April 18, , the 80th anniversary of the premiere issue—DC returned Superman back to his traditional costume with the red trunks and yellow belt. Brian Michael Bendis will become the new writer for the Action Comics series starting with Issue A departure from a strict monthly schedule was four giant-size Supergirl reprint issues published as a 13th issue annually: Action Comics has not had an uninterrupted run, having been on a three-month hiatus on two separate occasions.

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The first of these occurred during the summer of , with issue bearing a cover date of September, and issue listing January The regular Superman titles were suspended during this period to allow for the publication of John Byrne's six-issue The Man of Steel limited series. The series was published weekly from May 24, to March 14, The temporarily increased frequency of issues allowed Action Comics to further surpass the older Detective Comics in the number of individual issues published. It originally passed Detective Comics in the s when that series was bimonthly for a number of years.

This change lasted from issue to issue During this time, Superman appeared only in a two-page story per issue; he was still the only character to appear in every issue of the series. An issue 0 October was published between issues and as part of the Zero Month after the "Zero Hour: Crisis in Time" crossover event. There was an issue 1,, November during the " DC One Million " crossover event in October between issues and On June 1, , it was announced that all series taking place within the shared DC Universe would be either canceled or relaunched with new 1 issues, after a new continuity was created in the wake of the Flashpoint event.

Although being DC's longest running series having reached issue at the end of its initial run, Action Comics was no exception, and the first issue of the new series was released on September 7, In February , it was announced that as part of the DC Rebirth relaunch, Action Comics would resume its original numbering system, starting with issue Aug.

The Action Comics series is included in a number of trade paperbacks and hardcovers. These generally reprint only the Superman stories from the given issues. Action Comics — were part of "The Reign of the Supermen" storyline, which won the same award for From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the British anthology comic, see Action comics. Action Comics 1 June , the debut of Superman. Cover art by Joe Shuster. The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television.

With the launch of Action Comics , Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster finally saw their brainchild in print, and readers responded with rave reviews. Superman became the first comic book mega-star and proved that comics were more than a fad. The Golden Age of Comics was born.

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New York, New York: The Comic Book History of Comics. The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel. The image of Superman that eventually became preeminent was Wayne Boring's.

By the former assistant to Joe Shuster was working on his own for DC, turning out pencilled and inked pages for Action Comics and Superman. Kara Zor-El Supergirl crashed to Earth, having been sent there by her parents.


Streaky the Supercat was my design. I think the writer came up with the initial idea, but I designed him so he looked a little bit more like an animated cat. Swan's Superman became definitive, and ultimately he would draw, as he says, 'more Superman stories than anybody else. Cover dates on comics didn't match magazine dating norms, and by Marvel's cover dates made them appear newer than DC's, so DC decided to skip using May and go straight to June.

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The result was an overwhelming success, popular with fans both old and new. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. Man of Action ". Archived from the original on April 29, Retrieved April 19, Crain's New York Business. Mills cheerfully admits that he took direct inspiration from the popular culture at the time.

And I wanted some of that, so we did Hook Jaw. Action launched on 23 February and immediately began to grab headlines, notably in the Evening Standard, which ran a piece headlined: The furore continued to mount through the spring and summer, until the magazine closed that autumn, after just 36 gloriously ultraviolent issues. A week after the Nationwide story, Action was debated in the House of Commons. Issue 37 was duly pulped, but some copies had already been sent to contributors and a few stored in the archives.

The Best DC Comics For Young Readers [Kids’ Comics]

Action returned briefly in sanitised form and was eventually merged with Battle. Titan Comics is publishing a brand new series of Hook Jaw , starting in December. Once again the kids might rule, OK? Topics Comics and graphic novels. However, it can be difficult parsing which titles are suitable for kids and teens, and which titles most assuredly are not, so ComicsAlliance has put together a list of some of the best choices. Whether it's comics for fans of TV shows, new spins on classic franchises, or a Young Adult take on political satire, there's something for everyone these days at DC.

DC Comics Introduces the Children of the Justice League

The show has been praised for its optimism and earnestness, but that's been hard to find in the Supergirl comics published over the last decade. If your child is looking for more fun with Kara, try the Adventures of Supergirl digital comic, based explicitly on the show.

Kara's working with the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, but she's still new to the superhero life. Her relationship with her sister Alex is front and center in this story, with Alex's past DEO operations coming back to haunt both her and Kara in the form of Rampage.