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Virginia Woolf

What Woolf attempts in Mrs. Dalloway she nails here. Set across two days, this book snatches moments in the life of the Ramsay family and puts them on display like the pieces of a mosaic. There is a glut of scholarly material on Virginia Woolf, but Hermione Lee's book has been praised as one of the strongest biographies of the writer. In pages, Lee tries to cut through the myths and speculation that have sprung up around Virginia Woolf to get to the truth of the writer's life. What emerges is a portrait of a flawed but still fascinating woman.

In Woolf's nephew Quentin Bell published a highly regarded biography of his aunt. This book, a personal memoir, also includes his recollections on other members of the Bloomsbury Group.

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This includes his parents, Vanessa and Clive Bell, his two siblings, and their unconventional family that included his mother's lover. Bell was a great writer and a serious scholar , and his accounts are entertaining to read. Virginia Woolf, The Waves This is Woolf's most experimental novel, and by most accounts the most difficult to read.

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Victoria Glendinning, Leonard Woolf: A Biography Leonard Woolf has taken a beating in Virginia Woolf biographies, with some feminist critics accusing him of either causing her mental illness or hampering her talent. Dalloway This novel traces a single day in the life of British socialite Clarissa Dalloway as she prepares for a party.

Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse Inspired by the memories of her family's summer trips, this novel focuses on a family vacationing in Scotland. Virginia's parents are fixtures on the London literary and intellectual scene and she grows up in a home full of books. Leslie Stephen's mentally disabled daughter from his previous marriage, Laura Makepeace Stephen, is sent to live in an institution at the age of Virginia Woolf's mother, Julia Prinsep Stephen, dies.

The family is plunged into mourning, and Virginia has her first major depressive episode. Virginia's half-sister Stella Duckworth, who has been running the Stephen household since the death of their mother in , dies. Leslie Stephen dies of stomach cancer. The loss of her father prompts a major mental breakdown during which Virginia tries to commit suicide by jumping out of a window.

She is briefly institutionalized.

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Following their father's death, the Stephen children sell their childhood home and buy a house together in the hip Bloomsbury neighborhood of London. At the age of 23, Virginia begins her professional writing career as a contributor to the Times Literary Supplement. She also takes on several jobs of the sort available to women at the time, such as teaching and reading to elderly ladies.

The Stephens travel together to Greece.

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Vanessa and Thoby both become sick with typhoid fever. Vanessa recovers, but Thoby dies at the age of Always close to her siblings, Virginia is heartbroken. Vanessa Stephen marries the art critic Clive Bell. Virginia and her brother Adrian share a home near the Bells' house.

The Bloomsbury Group—a circle of writers, artists and intellectuals that eventually includes Virginia Woolf, novelist E. Forster, economist John Maynard Keynes and others among its members—begins meeting informally at the Bells' home. Virginia and five other members of the group play a practical joke on the British military in which they pretend to be visiting dignitaries from the British colonies to finagle a tour of the British warship the H.

by Virginia Woolf

The incident is known as the Dreadnought Hoax. Virginia Stephen marries Leonard Woolf, a Jewish intellectual who had served in the foreign service. The couple enjoy a happy, if unconventional, marriage that lasts until Virginia's death.

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Great Britain enters World War I. Most members of the Bloomsbury Group are pacifists, and none of the men enlist.

Woolf's first novel The Voyage Out is published. She had completed it a year earlier, but publication was delayed by the war and Woolf's lingering depression. The Woolfs purchase a used printing press, establishing the Hogarth Press in the basement of their home. Their basement project allows Virginia to publish her experimental fiction. Hogarth grows into a respected publishing house, putting out works from authors like Katharine Mansfield, T.

Eliot and Sigmund Freud. Virginia and Leonard Woolf purchase Monk's House, an eighteenth-century cottage located in the countryside village of Rodmell in England.