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But consider, for example, a stressful situation you had. Did you notice physical changes in your body? Did you experience an upset stomach or a quicker heartbeat when you faced a deadline or had to give a presentation? If so, this intimates that the connection between the physical body and the mind exists. It may be relatively easy to accept that the mind influences the body.

The Genius of Spirit

Our minds control involuntary physical parts of ourselves like respiration. But can our bodies impact our minds in the same fashion? Think of a time when you taxed your body. How did you feel mentally? Certainly your body felt something — maybe weak muscles or soreness; perhaps a headache. But were your thoughts fuzzy?

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Did you have trouble with your memory or other cognitive processes? Knowing this creates an even greater need to take care of both our physical body and our minds. Perhaps you love mental challenges like reading, learning new concepts, researching, or engaging in other activities that keep your brain busy and employed. The summer reading season is here and along with it comes our reading list!

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Here we have selected a diverse…. The Authentic Tarot by Thomas Saunders. Fertility Astrology by Nicola Smuts-Allsop. Your Summer Reading List. Watkins Picks for Winter. Genius represents the state wherein the intellect has gained supremacy over the will and the life is ruled by reason and not by impulse.

It is accessing the intuition and reason within us all. The search for wisdom is accessing genius which could also be labeled soul, psyche, or universal will as opposed to self-will. Will is the source of thought energy of the mind and self-will denies access to this universal will. Self-will is the energy imprinted with the conditioned environment of our youth.

In the philosophy of Bertrand Russell, genius entails that an individual possesses unique qualities and talents that make the genius especially valuable to the society in which he or she operates. However, Russell's philosophy further maintains that it's possible for such genius to be crushed by an unsympathetic environment during his or her youth. Exceptional performance is by its very nature extraordinary, something that most dream of.

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Yet each and every one of us has at times in our lives achieved the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the inspirational: Often, indeed nearly always, without thinking. People often rationalize their moments of greatness by saying "I was lucky" or "everything came together for me.?

However, what is certain is that you caused that result. Your thinking set in train a series of actions that led to extraordinary performance.

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Inside each and every one of us is our own unique Genius, a beautiful creativity that, once liberated can make the unthinkable reality. So what would it feel like if you could call on your Genius at will: Just consider the power that this could bring to your achievements. You can unearth your Genius and start to determine the components of this precious tool.

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Spiritus—breath, the soul, vigor, that which animates life. The words respiration and inspiration have the same Latin root. The word conspire has the same root.

But what does conspiring have to do with breathing? The source of this term is the notion that people who conspire are thinking in harmony, so close that they even breathe together. One of the most common things that we do as human beings is move.

Many of the early European roots have to do with verbs of movement, such as the breath that moves in and out of us. Many words have to do with this most basic of human needs. The breath is of paramount importance in the practice, for instance, of yoga; following one's breath is a path to nowness, that is, the concentration only on what is going on during the present moment, and not worrying about that which happened in the past, or becoming frazzled about that which may happen in the future.

Hebrew nephesh, meaning "life, vital breath". The word refers to the tangible aspects of life, and human beings and higher animals are both described as having a nephesh. The Hebrew term is literally "living being".

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Anima mundi is the concept of a "world soul" connecting all living organisms on the planet. The Ancient Greeks used the word for "alive" to also apply to the concept of being "ensouled", indicating that the earliest surviving western philosophical view believed that the soul was that which gave the body life. The soul was considered the incorporeal or spiritual "breath" that animates from the Latin, anima, cf. Drawing on the words of his teacher Socrates, Plato considered the psyche to be the essence of a person, being that which decides how we behave.