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A fundraiser for Right To Play, the festival will provide children from throughout the New York metro area with a unique opportunity to learn gymnastics basics through the USA Gymnastics Fitness Zone, mingle with the three Athlete Ambassadors and other gymnasts, and experience the power and benefits of sport and play. Held annually, National Gymnastics Day is a celebration of the sport and provides gymnastics clubs across the country with a reason to host special events to promote gymnastics and support a charitable effort. In , National Gymnastics Day is Sept.

As co-chairs for National Gymnastics Day, the trio will also serve as spokespersons for the annual celebration and its efforts to promote gymnastics and the power of play. And, these two efforts will give me an added opportunity to share that message. Helping children discover how play can make a positive difference in their lives will be a rewarding experience for me, and as a new dad, it will also be a valuable learning opportunity. Sacramone of Winchester, Mass.

If we can positively impact the lives of children who are facing adversity or are challenged by their living circumstances, then we may have helped them find ways to chart their future path. Its mission is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in the sport. Its disciplines include men's and women's artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics and group gymnastics.

For more information, log on to www. About Right To Play. Right To Play is a global organization that uses the transformative power of play to educate and empower children facing adversity. Through playing sports and games, Right To Play helps children in more than 20 countries to build essential life skills and better futures, while driving lasting social change.

Our programs are facilitated by international staff and more than 13, volunteer Coaches. She also is the first African American to win an individual Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. Douglas is just the fourth U. Douglas began her Olympic year campaign in March with an impressive performance at the Kellogg's Pacific Rim Championships, where she helped Team USA bring home the gold medal and claimed the uneven bars title. At the Secret U. Classic, she took top honors on the uneven bars and tied for third in the floor exercise.

At the Visa Championships, Douglas won the U. Work on your flexibility. If there's one thing you can and should! You have no excuse! While you're sitting and watching TV, sit down on the floor, and start touching your toes in just about every position you can. Whatever you're doing, you can fit in a stretch.

It's not just your legs, it's your whole body. Even super fit people who start gymnastics often get caught off guard when it comes to this. What's the one area everyone forgets about? Turns out your back and shoulders and the flexibility of your back is super important when it comes to gymnastics!

If the stretch causes pain, you've gone too far. Stretch gradually and only to the point of mild discomfort to avoid injury. Gymnasts may not have the biggest muscles, but they're extremely strong. Most amateur gymnasts train strength using their own body weight, for instance with pull ups and push ups. Weight training is best left for the college level or above, since it takes specific routines to avoid slowing yourself down with unnecessary muscle bulk. So be sure to take days off! You can still do cardio and exercise, but lay off on the weights to give your muscles a breather.

Take a dance class. Gymnasts need to be fluid and graceful. Those floor routines are a combination of impressive tricks and dance. If you're choppy and can barely manage to do the macarena, a beautiful floor routine will be quite the challenge. Ask your coach if he knows of a good studio that works with gymnasts. Talk to your coach.

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As you progress, there's going to be things your coach wants you to do. The beauty of it is if you're not ready or if you'd like to take your skills in a different direction, say so. If you want to nail that backbend before you move onto the next move, say so. If you think you want to get into tumbling instead, say so. That's what they're there for! It's important to be very open with your coaches. This sport challenges you to your physical limits, then throws you in front of a crowd to perform.

If you don't feel ready physically or mentally, seek advice from your coaches. Bends are among the first moves learned by many gymnasts in addition to the standard cartwheel and handstand. Bends are the core part of many of the more complicated, impressive tricks. Without a bend, you definitely won't be doing flips. If you're not there yet, wikiHow has some articles to whet your appetite: As you get better, you'll progress to jumps.

When you combine jumps and bends, you get flips, so this is also moving you on up the skill ladder. Here are a few examples: A beginning gymnast's dream: This is where you'll really start to feel like you're making progress. Start doing them with a spotter and in your gym, and once you get comfortable you can start busting them out at parties and on the stage. All that hard work is paying off!

Take a look at the following articles: Do all sorts of tricks! Once you learn the basic bends, jumps, and flips, you'll be able to combine them into sweet floor routines. You'll work on the speed of your transitions and, most importantly, your confidence. If you've gotten this far, you've more than earned it. Pat yourself on the back! You've got the skills, now what do you want your specialty to be? Do you want to try the uneven bars?

Maybe the balance beam? How about the rings? Or even rhythmic gymnastics! There's going to be one that you enjoy more than the others — so get to finding it! Maybe your niche is competing! Ask your coach if you can take this to the next level. She should be able to direct you to organizations and competition that will help you earn more recognition — not to mention trophies.

Move up the levels. Gymnasts are typically rated by skill level once they start competing.


Here's an example of what it takes to reach level six. If you would like to compete in college and beyond, aim for level nine or higher by the end of high school. Discipline is key in this sport. It takes time and repetition for your body to learn and remember the moves, so keep working until you get it right. If you get frustrated, sit down for a minute, get a drink, then go back and try again. It may not be easy, but once you get it, you'll know how worth it it really is.

Be sure to work on building your strength, including arm, shoulder, and back strength, your core muscles, and your leg muscles. Include pull-ups, push-ups, v-ups, crunches, handstands against a wall in your strength conditioning routine. It's not all flips and fun! And, as always, make sure to stretch first. Once you hit the appropriate level your coach will know when this happens , you can enter the competing world.

New moves in women's gymnastics - 2017

It may be harsh, it may be time consuming, but it also can be a lot of fun. However, don't feel obligated to compete -- gymnastics can be for leisure, too!

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You can compete in your school, then in your area, then regionally, and then throughout the country if you so choose. Competitions can get pretty intense! There's always a panel of judges eyeing your every move and it can be quite stressful. If it's something you want to endure and excel at, go for it! But if it's not, feel free to keep getting better on your own time. There's not much evidence for the "common knowledge" that stretching prevents injury, and overdoing it could even lead to problems. Target the muscle groups most at risk for injury in the activity you'll be performing.

A warm up is any light exercise that gets your heart rate up and your muscles loose. Consider a short warm up, four or five second stretches, then a brief warm up again. Know your own skill level.

When your coach says, "Alright, who wants to demonstrate a backflip for me? You need to know your own skill level so you know what you're capable of and what to expect from yourself. If you bite off more than you can chew, you'll wind up in a cast watching yearningly from the sidelines. On the opposite side of the coin, know what you are capable of!

If you've been practicing for months and you're improving, you'll need to take a risk once in a while. Realize all the work you've done and what you can do. It's the only way you'll get better! Work up in increments. You can't go from a cartwheel to a front handspring in a day. Rome wasn't built in one, and your skills won't magically develop in one, either. So take baby steps and, above all, be patient. You will fall on your butt and you will bruise yourself. You will be, at one point or another, laying face down on the floor, willing the gods to make everyone disappear by the time you open your eyes.

This happens to everyone.

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If you never fell, you'd never know what not to do! Have good eating and sleeping habits. An aspect of gymnastics we haven't really gotten much at yet is how incredibly intense it is.

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People who run marathons walk into a gymnastics class and they are quite literally and figuratively floored. What does this mean? It means, if you're to do this, you gotta be healthy. Your body is what you're working with. If you don't treat it right, it sure won't be doing you any favors. Always get a good night's rest. It'd be silly to expect otherwise of your body! It's of utmost importance that you eat healthily.

That means lean meats you need your protein! Little to no processed junk should be in your cupboards! That being said, eating disorders are a huge problem in the gymnastics world. Yes, you need to be lean.