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Magic , Dreams , Family secrets , Paranormal fiction. The writing style maintains a dark and brooding tone as Gansey continues to investigate the existence of a ley line, an invisible channel of energy, recently awakened, that may lead them to the ancient Welsh king Glendower. The complicated relationships and plot points are difficult to follow without the background from The Raven Boys. Even with the background, new characters appear: Now the ley line is inexplicably surging and disappearing, and Adam discovers that his bargain with Cabeswater had unforeseen consequences.

Ronan, meanwhile, struggles with the figurative and literal night horrors haunting his sleep until he learns to control what he brings back from his dreams.

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Her descriptive prose reveals a complicated plot, multiple viewpoints, and detailed character backstories that necessitate patient, thoughtful reading. Many mysteries remain, but the over-the-top cliffhanger ending makes it clear that Glendower will resurface as the main focus of book three.

Accelerated Reader Level 5; Points: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Wildcard by Marie Lu. Seafire by Natalie C. Sea Witch by Sarah Henning. Everybody Sees the Ants by A. Blue and the guys are remarkably attached to one another, even when they disagree or hurt one another's feelings. Ronan and Gansey are millionaires, but money is only a resource for them; they're more interested in their friendships and their passions. Ronan refuses to turn his back on a friend, even though another guy offers him the promise of unchecked power. Adam is obsessed with being a self-made man.

Blue deals with a lot of conflicting feelings and hurts someone, but she still loves him. Gansey is fiercely loyal to his friends, particularly Adam, who's his opposite in many ways. There are scenes of unflinching, bloody violence.

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A guy remembers in vivid detail what his dead father's caved-in face looked like. One character is a mysterious hit man who hurts some people injuring them and shoots others with a casualness that's horrifying. A character dies violently, and violence is inflicted with guns, bombs, cars, and fists. Blue refuses someone's advances and accepts another guy's offer to kiss, and later she and someone else bury their heads in each other's shoulders but don't actually kiss. A teen guy has a sensual dream about a male friend and wakes up both "ashamed" and "ecstatic.

There's some underage drinking at a couple of parties. One secondary character deals and uses drugs, sometimes in outrageously overt ways, like snorting cocaine off of a car's dashboard. Ronan takes sleeping pills to get to sleep faster. Parents need to know that Dream Thieves is the second book in award-winning young adult author Maggie Stiefvater 's best-selling series, The Raven Cycle.

The violence is quite bloody, and the language is as strong as in the original "f--k," "s--t," "a--hole". There's some underage drinking, and a secondary character deals and uses drugs. The story explores issues about family relationships, the unconditional nature of friendship, sexual orientation, and class. Add your rating See all 2 kid reviews. Ronan, in particular, keeps having intense dreams and realizing that he can make more and more things from his dreams materialize in real life.

The Dream Thieves

Blue deals with her confusing feelings for best friends Gansey and Adam, and a mysterious, scholarly hit man pops up in Henrietta, posing a deadly threat to the entire clan. Maggie Stiefvater is not a zippy writer; her prose is lush and filled with detailed imagery and descriptive scenes. Combine her poetic writing style with the complicated plot line of a four-book series, and it's easy to imagine that some readers won't get past the first 50 pages.

That's a shame for impatient readers, because once you're fully immersed in the story, it has a glorious, meticulously planned payoff that will simultaneously break your heart, give you hope, and make you demand the next installment. Adam continues to struggle with a mountainous "trailer trash" chip on his shoulder he's a genius but has no money, no family, and too much pride , but, like all of the Raven Boys, there's more to him, and you ache for him to find love.

Blue and Gansey's friendship teeters dangerously on the verge of something more.

The Dream Thieves: The Raven Cycle, Book 2 Book Review

Gray is the most perfectly named, morally ambiguous new character to the already crowded story. Keep reading, because however big the fireworks are in Dream Thieves , it's clear this series is only going to keep getting better and better. Do you prefer the dream story line or the overarching sleeping-king story line? Although there are multiple points of view, Dream Thieves focuses mostly on one character. Which character s do you hope get the spotlight in the next book in the series?

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