Sex Crimes Chronicles - 7 (Volume Seven)

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Should the Statute of Limitation on Sex Crimes Be Abolished?

The Howie-Blob is Tracy's first cybernetic-cloned creation. The 1st Lieutenant is the commander of Tracy's Generation 1 Drones.

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The 2nd Lieutenant commands the Generation 2 Drones in Tracy's cyborg-clone army. The 3rd Lieutenant, commander of the Generation 3 Drones, is the embodiment of Tracy's ideal cyborg-clone. The Howie-Bot is the final form of the entity that started out as the "Howie-Blob. Nikola is Tracy's best friend, cameraman, electronics engineer, and the general of her army. Tracy Queen is the hero of our graphic novel. Oct 22, - Nov 22, 31 days. Share this project Done.

Tracy Queen, Volume 1. The first volume of the epic, sex-positive, pulpy, adults-only, sci-fi graphic novel!

The Sex Chronicles: Volume 1 Audiobook | Zane |

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You may also like. Although, toward the end I started to feel the stories became recurring. This book is for everyone who loves to read about sex or if you just need to add a little something; something; to your sex life, this is the book for you. One of the best books that i have listen to. I never finished reading a book until now this is so intense increases my sexual appetite for my husband. If you are into hot descriptive sex this is for you.

It is vulgar and extremely descriptive to the point of you hope no one is listening or in earshot. I was embarrassed to have it on my record as having bought it. I am not a prude and a little hot steamy sex is not bad when done tastefully.

This was way out there. I do recommend this audible Too short but the stories were hot and heavy love to hear similar stories again. I feel like it was a waste. I wish there were more stories and a little longer, but it was good. Get a free audiobook The Sex Chronicles: Get your first audiobook free. People who bought this also bought Total Eclipse of the Heart Written by: Hevin Hanover, Andre Blake Length: Moth to a Flame Written by: Ashley Antoinette Narrated by: Diamonds and Pearl Written by: Waking with Enemies Written by: Eric Jerome Dickey Narrated by: The Prada Plan 5 Written by: The Cartel 6 The Demise Written by: The Omen Written by: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Written by: Ashley Antoinette, Buck 50 Productions Narrated by: Publisher's Summary Zane has captivated the minds of both sexes and all races.

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She has completely shattered the myth that men are more sexual by nature than women and that African-American women in particular are inhibited compared to their female counterparts of other races. Must be 18 years of age to purchase. More from the same Author: The Biography The Space in Between. No reviews are available. Most Helpful Most Recent.