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In Bed with Her Ex: All Around the Ton. The Earl's Unexpected Bride. The Devil Is a Marquess. Modern Romance March Books 1 - 4: A Royal Dragon Romance.

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Her friend was clearly set on marrying Matteo di Falco She never meant to fall in love Alex Kellerman's life had fallen apart at his wife's untimely death, which ultimately cost him custody of his baby daughter. Now, fighting to win his daughter back, he didn't need any further rumors to spoil his c Olivia had mixed feelings about going to stay in Los Angeles to write up film star Diane Haran's rags-to-riches life story.

This was the woman, after all, who had seduced Olivia's husband away from her. What if she turned the tables by making a p The miracle Felicity could only dream about has finally happened -- her husband, missing, presumed dead, is alive and well -- and coming home!

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But much has happened in their four years apart and Morgan seems Falling for a younger man Megan Cross hasn't been back to the Caribbean island of San Felipe since her parents' ugly divorce and her mother's second marriage. Now her mother's husband is desperately ill and wants Megan's forgiveness for separating He had to protect her from himself! Life was complicated enough for William Quentin without his ex-wife turning up on his doorstep. He'd been crazy about Francesca, and the agony of her betrayal still haunted him. Will knew he should heed his gran Some secrets just won't stay hidden Why had Jaime Harris left a perfectly good job to come to work for his stepmother, Catriona?

Dominic Redding was curious--and intrigued. Jaime had come to Bermuda with a purpose--to find out more about Catrio He could still make her want him Maggie would never have made the journey to Northumberland to see her ex-husband if it hadn't been for their rebellious teenage daughter. Lindsey had formed a disastrous relationship and Neil was the only perso Temptress -- or tormentor? Was Isobel Herriot a marriage breaker?

Patrick Shannon's sister certainly believed her husband was having a torrid affair with Isobel. But when Patrick paid a visit to Isobel's Cotswold craft shop he couldn't be so sur Jake wasn't sure why he'd agreed to take his twin brother's place on the flight to London. Nor why he'd agreed to commit Nathan's crime. Maybe it was misplaced loyalty, maybe it was the memory of their mother's sacrif Sara Reed has a secret. Returning to her husband's family home after his death isn't easy for Sara.

Her mother-in-law clearly despises her, but the person she most dreads seeing again is Alex. Her husband's brother, he has always Is Helen Gregory a woman of passion? To outsiders, Helen appears to be a typical cool English blonde. Only Matthew Aitken guesses that her icy exterior hides a warm and vibrant woman In the heat of Barbados Helen finds her Quinn once knew Julia more intimately than anyone realizes and believes that he caused her to shun the limelight.

Oliver Lee is a man with a shadowed past.

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He is suspicious of everything and everyone Fliss may be innocent, but when Oliver's around she can't help behaving as if s Rachel's marriage had ended in bitterness and tears. Ben had been unfaithful to her, she was sure, though, of course, he had denied it. Now their only point of contact was their small daughter, Daisy, and that suited Rachel. He'd always been a law unto himself Rafe Lindsay, Earl of Invercaldy, was lord of all he surveyed. But the days when a nobleman held the right to seduce any village maiden he fancied were long gone. Not that the message had reached Rafe!

One night was all she'd wanted Few of Beth's students would have recognized her as the seductive charmer who crashed a posh London party, commanded the immediate attention of Alex Thiarchos, brazenly seduced him Now, shrouded in scandal, he'd come home, heir to his father's multimillion-dollar holiday resort -- a man determined to claim what was rightfully his Running into Conor Brennan after eleven years produced a disturbing uneasiness Olivia couldn't quite understand. She'd always played doting aunt to the son of her closest friend. But now the boy had grown into a man.

Second chances Joanna has convinced herself she's left the past behind. But coming back to Tidewater has resurrected best-forgotten emotions. She'd assumed Cole's ailing father simply wanted to beg her forgiveness--after all, the family had destro The two men in Madeline's life so far - her late husband Joe and her boss, Adrian - had been kind and uncomplicated, both only wanting to cherish and look after her.

But now another man had come surging into her life - Nicholas Vitale. Sexual compulsion She was sensitive and naive--and incredibly innocent--and he was about to ruin her life. There was no justification for what he was doing. After all, Greeks respect their women; they don't take advantage of them. But he, of co No escape Was it pure luck that Ben Russell had chosen to buy the old Priory? Certainly it couldn't have had anything to do with Jaime or her teenage son, Tom.

It had been fifteen years since she'd seen her ex-husband's brother. Now his nearness w The man of her fantasies belonged to another -- her daughter Slim, lovely Laura Fox didn't look like the mother of a twenty-one-year-old, although her safe, predictable life--save the occasional run-in with her headstrong daughter--quite befitted Too hot to handle Camilla hadn't seen Virginia in years, but she certainly couldn't ignore her childhood friend's urgent plea to come to Hawaii.

Her cool reception from Virginia's husband was both unsettling and understandable; Virginia and their Olivia didn't expect returning home to be easy. Especially when it was Matthew Ryan who met her at the airport when she returned to England fro her grandmother's funeral. Matt and Olivia had once been passionate lovers and he h After a failed marriage, despite her continued sense of guilt, she'd finally pull Could love be blind?

One night of passion--that was all they'd shared. And that had been ten years ago. But the experience had changed Helen's life. She'd certainly tried to forget the past, but she knew she hadn't succeeded. And then her world She had one week - and that was all It was Abby's one chance to turn back the clock to the carefree days when she and Jake had explored his island retreat in the Bahamas.

Abby had loved Jake and she had lost him.

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And not just Jake, but Dominic, th Divorce had seemed the only solution There'd been no possibility of a reconciliation when Rachel's marriage to Matthew Conroy broke up. Not only had her husband looked elsewhere for love--but he'd looked to Rachel's own Cousin Barbara. Cass fled to Italy, and to Ben. He was the one person in the world who could help her.

And help she desperately needed. So it was a shock to find that she'd only added to her problems instead of solving them. She was a grown woman now. She'd been told she was Jessica Devlin. They said she was the illegitimate daughter of a recently deceased millionaire. Because a horrible accident had wiped out her memory, she was recuperating at the Yorkshire estate of her father's cousin - en Jared's return could ruin her Robyn hadn't seen him in six long years. Now he was about to return to the family home in England, summoned by his ailing father upon the death of his older brother--Robyn's husband.

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Robyn prayed he wouldn't stay. He had never believed in her Isabel Ashley, a successful model, had no desire ever to see Alex Seton again. Throughout a disastrous marriage to his cousin, which ended in divorce, Alex had been hostile, believing she was unfaithful and interested She could see no future for herself Sara's hopes of becoming a famous dancer were shattered when an ankle injury abruptly ended her career. For Sara it was the end of her world. At first she didn't take seriously the offer of a job. Rafe Fleming followed in his father's footsteps and was now the ov Morgan didn't play Holly's kind of game Morgan Kane arrived on Pulpit Island in the Caribbean with strict instructions: Holly Forsyth had no intention of leaving her job at the mission s Once he'd made her feel so special Perhaps that was why he had succeeded where other men had failed.

If Laura had not been so naively flattered by Jason's attentions three years ago, she might have recognized him sooner for what he was, instead of Could it be more than infatuation?

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And admittedly she was more than flattered by his interest in her. But how could she take him seriously? Ben couldn't love her. Could he ever belong to her? Antonia was devastated to learn that the very attractive man she had met at Celia's party was none other than Reed Gallagher, Celia's fiance. He hadn't acted like a man in love, but perhaps their sort of people behaved The demands of a young woman's heart are Hidden in the Flame Catherine huddled in the ashes of the but she had shared with her father.

Her eyes could not focus on his dead body. Her mind would not admit that their life together was over. You never forget your first love Ten years ago, Jordan Lucas fell innocently in love with a musician visiting her Caribbean island home. She experienced the soaring flight of first love and the bitter crash of betrayal. She needed no reminder Rachel Fleming wished she had never stopped to help the stranger in distress.

But it was too late now. The tables had turned. Alexis Roche was no helpless victim. He was a seasoned hunter committed to the chase. He found out Rachel's name, addres Fate forced Lani St. John to an impossible choice when her adolescent dreams became a wrenching reality. For Jake Pendragon, the brilliant concert pianist she had loved from afar for years, reentered her life with an undeniable, devastating attractio For she had loved Heath since childhood, and as she'd grown into a woman, her emotions had deepened and changed in ways she was onl She thought of him as her father's friend Matthew Wilder had been a brilliant medical researcher who had suddenly disappeared from Joanna's life.

Her memory of him was vague. When they finally met again on a remote Florida key, he bore no resem She had made her choice years ago As a girl, Jaime had learned how powerful love can be in the arms of a wealthy Italian count, Raphael di Vaggio. Yet she had rejected him to pursue her career. He had found someone else and for five years Jaime After enduring a disastrous marriage she was now ready for an affair with no strings attached.

But Jay Ravek was not like any man she'd known before. He was a t The lush night released undreamed-of passions When a tropical storm battered the tiny Caribbean island of Indigo, Ruth Jason's sheltered life was dramatically changed. Young and vulnerable, having lived virtually alone with her father on the islan Abby couldn't deny Piers's statement. Time had certainly proven that true, but the young Abby had loved him with all the passion within her. At that time she could not have foreseen the awful events tha Could she disguise her love for Jared?

Rhia couldn't refuse to impersonate her sister - after Valentina had fled - to aid in Glyn Fraser's recovery. It was Val's fault the young man had been blinded in a car crash. Jared Fraser, Glyn's autocra Alex was not the man she expected him to be The time for Olivia's revenge had come. Her elderly husband, Henry Gantry was dead. She'd take Henry's monument to himself, his fabulously wealthy corporation, and either sell it or put it in the hands o She couldn't bear the unexpected truth Sara gladly accepted the offer of acting as companion to her youthful Aunt Harriet.

Her father had recently died, and she welcomed the solace the English countryside offered. But life in Harriet's househo Sylvie reluctantly took Margot's place Sylvie's sister, Margot, was determined to become an actress. She refused to live in Greece with her husband, Leon Petronides, and their small son. So Sylvie found herself going to Greece to look after the bo The reunion was almost unbearable Ashley could hardly believe she was actually seeing her son. Circumstances had forced her to give him up at birth seven years earlier to her deceased husband's wealthy Arab family.

Now the unexpected sight of H He'd be her friend but never her lover Caroline's job as governess at a Mexican hacienda was more demanding than she'd dreamed possible. Her employer, Esteban, was an evil and vulgar man, and he wanted her. She turned for help to Luis de Monte Rachel could tell something was wrong Rachel had been hesitant to spend the Christmas holiday with the Shards in their Newcastle home.

After all, Liz and Rob were Jaime's parents and might have been Rachel's in-laws had circumstances been differen She was shocked to discover that the position she had accepted as governess was the in the home of the man she had spent six years trying to forget. Aware that nothing had really changed, The valley's fate was in Rafe's hands Everyone wanted to know whether Rafe Glyndower would turn over his father's centuries-old estate to modern lead mining. Catherine's uncle was a farmer-tenant whose livelihood would be ruined; he convinced C This balance is a hallmark of the book as a whole. One person found this helpful.

Joe McAleer has written a book appealing to romance-lovers and non-romance-lovers alike I'm the latter! The wonderfully-named "Passion's Fortune" is entertaining, informative, and eye-opening, as it sheds glowing light on a niche albeit large business within publishing. You will not view "cheap, summertime romance novels" the same after reading this book!

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