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He and the woman driving the car are taken in a police van to the hospital. He's sure he has met her somewhere. He is given ether, wakes up in a different hospital, and the woman, Jacqueline Beausergent, has vanished. A mysterious figure presents him with an account of the accident and hands him an envelope stuffed with bank notes.

Does Jacqueline Beausergent have the answers to the narrator's questions about the past, about his father? Notes "Winner of the Nobel Prize for literature"--Cover. Originally published in French as Accident nocturne Paris: View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"?

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Double Bay Central Library. I paused for a while to look at the gardens below, the big pool where the water appeared phosphorescent and, beyond the Seine, the apartment buildings along the quays and around the Champ-de-Mars. I thought of my father.

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Perhaps there was still a chance I would find him. After all, time had been abolished, given that this dog had emerged from the depths of the past, from Rue du Docteur-Kurzenne. I watched the dog move away from me, as though it would soon have to leave me or it might miss another engagement. I'd never been down this road. If the dog was leading me there, it wasn't by chance.

French Quarter Nocturne - Author Roland Yeomans

I had the feeling of both arriving at my destination and returning to familiar ground. But there was no light from the windows and I walked along in half-darkness. I moved closer to the dog so I wouldn't lose sight of it. I could hear the sound of my footsteps.

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The road turned almost at a right angle and I thought it would come out near La Closerie de Passy where, at that hour, the parrot in its cage would be repeating, Sea-green Fiat, sea-green Fiat , for no reason, while the manager and her friends played cards. After the angle in the road, an unlit sign. A restaurant or, rather, a bar, closed. What an odd place for a bar: I stopped for a moment and tried to decipher the sign above the entrance: Then I looked ahead for the dog.

I couldn't see it. I hurried to catch up. But there was no trace of it. I ran and came out at the crossroads on Boulevard Delessert. The streetlamps were so bright they made me squint. No dog to be seen, not on the pavement that ran downhill, not on the other side of the boulevard, not opposite me near the little metro station and the steps that led down to the Seine.

The light was white, the brightness of the northern lights: But it had disappeared. I felt a sensation of emptiness with which I was familiar and which I had forgotten for a few days, thanks to the calming effect of reading The Wonders of the Heavens. I regretted not having made a note of the phone number on the dog's collar. It has been said of Modiano—and he has said it himself—that he writes the same novel over and over again. And to a certain extent it is true; you could consider his novels as chapters of a single evolving opus. We come across the same characters, street names, items of clothing, and even the exact same facial features from one novel to the next, like signals of a kind, but the reader can never quite be certain what they signify.

The same Jacqueline Beausergent for whom the protagonist is searching in Paris Nocturne already appeared in The Little Jewel , and the same navy-blue raincoat reappears with reassuring regularity. But the real undercurrent that spans and connects all of his novels is the constant looming presence of the Occupation. It hovers just out of frame, ready to flow into the scene from around a corner, through the window of a bar, or in a woman's smile.

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Paris Nocturne , although cloaked in characteristic Modianesque reverie, is one of the more concrete or tangible of Modiano's novels. More questions are asked than answers offered, yet there is almost a sense of completeness here, which isn't found in all of his novels. Modiano's writing is deceptively simple.

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While I am a huge Twilight fan and sought out this book with the intention of crushing Miss Scott and her allegations, I found that this young author has a lot of talent. I will read the other half of this book and others she has written! That being said, Miss Scott's book and Breaking Dawn have in common a wedding, a wedding night on the beach and the delivery of the baby.

The detail in each of these passages are vastly different. I don't want to write spoilers here but I believe anyone who reads both books can attest that there might be a million or more other books where there is a wedding, a honeymoon lots of them on the beach and a baby being delivered. If you don't believe me, please go out and purchase any Harlequin Romance book from and open it to the middle of the book and read I told you so!

View all 3 comments. Aug 30, Angie Mckool added it. Probably the worst book I've ever read. The story is average and it doesn't make sense most of the time. The plot is all over the place and it leaves one confused and unaware of what's going on. What ruined this book for me was the pathetic punctuation and clear lack of editing, it's as if she didn't care about her own book.

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At times she repeats herself and there's a part in the book where she actually wrote the same thing twice!!! After the first few chapters I had to actually force myself to g Probably the worst book I've ever read. After the first few chapters I had to actually force myself to go on reading, I've never been so happy to finish a book in my life.

Also, I think what's worth a mention are her claims that Stephenie Meyer copied parts of her book for the Twilight saga, I can safely tell you that this is absolute crap. At no point throughout The Nocturne were there any similarities to the Twilight saga at all. The fact that she'd ever claim that in the first place makes me think that it was a ploy to get people reading her book, a book that quite frankly belongs in the bottom of a dumpster accumulating fungus.

If you think I'm being unfair then read it for yourself, I'm sure you'll be thoroughly disappointed and you'll have to counter it by reading a better book like I had to. Apr 22, Nancy Schumann rated it did not like it. Those people who say that any claim of plagiarism is a marketing tool do have a point. Miss Scott went on a rampage because allegedly Stephenie Meyers had obtained the contents of Breaking Dawn from her own book The Nocturne and that was enough reason for me to pick up The Nocturne to see what that was about.

Admittedly I love the Twilight series and the crime of plagiarism would have been a big disappointment in Meyers as an author for me but ultimately I was curious at the possibility that the Those people who say that any claim of plagiarism is a marketing tool do have a point. Admittedly I love the Twilight series and the crime of plagiarism would have been a big disappointment in Meyers as an author for me but ultimately I was curious at the possibility that there was another vampire book out there worth reading.

The Nocturne is set in medieval France. I love the history you get with really old vampires. The chapters are narrated by different characters involved in the story, which looked promising with regards to the flow of the story. However, a few pages in disappointment set in. The style of writing makes it very hard to follow the story or at least keep an interest in it.

The language tries for mysterious and foreboding but there isn't enough information to start with to built up that mystery. It took me two goes to actually finish the book and it doesn't get any more interesting as it goes along. On the contrary, the characters narrating the chapters fissle out one after the other until just one person narrates. The hero whinges all the time complaining about the same thing over and over again.

As for the style of writing: The author shows off her ability to use big words in the right context but the reading doesn't get any easier or enjoyable by that. There is an awful lot of hinted at information that never goes anywhere, which makes it easy for the reader to lose interest because you quickly learn any mysterious hint can be discarded without consequence. When readers finally reach the end of the book the words "To be continued" on the page sound more like a threat than a promise. I'm sure there's a good story hidden somewhere in this book but as it is it is an excruciatingly boring read that requires some serious editing.