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In September , a man from Nuremberg had asked if he had a double room available.

American Dad - Stan will das Porträt beseitigen (2) [German/Deutsch]

He did not, but because the prospective guest hailed from the Bavarian city where his own grandfather was born, he decided to rent him a private room in his little hotel, where he also lives. But having Hitler up in one's private home is allowed. In that case the penalty can be a fine or a jail sentence up to three years.

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A Post-War Portrait of Germany • René Burri • Magnum Photos

They also hold finely painted flowers: This flower, which was often depicted in similar compositions in Flemish art, had connotations of fidelity. The couple are also visually linked by the similar colours of their clothes and the fur edging of their garments.

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The female portrait has been compared to two others. The first, which is similar with regard to the style and clothing, is by a Swabian master and is dated to the s National Gallery, London.

Controversial Art: German Hotelier Lands in Court for Owning Hitler Portrait

The second, in the Kisters collection, has been attributed to Ludwig or Martin Schongauer. Mar Borobia Go to Portrait of a Woman. For commercial uses including publications and advertising, requests must be addressed to Scala Archives Image Library, exclusive agent of the Museum for worldwide distribution of its images and for the management of its rights of reproduction. Full size image Download image Print page.

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