An Alexander Technique and TRICEPS Approach to Piano Technique

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The Alexander Technique teaches the certified Alexander Technique teacher how to apply the principles of great body use, great posture and great techniques to every activity that the client goes to the Alexander Technique teacher for. This means that if you go to an Alexander Technique teacher because your forearms hurt when you play the piano, you will also be shown how to stop hurting your forearms when you write, use a computer, brush your teeth. You will also be taught how to lower the tension level in your whole body.

When you were a beginner at something, you are usually in a hurry to get past the beginner phase of the activity and do it well.

The Alexander Technique: First Lesson

Musicians can bring their instruments to lessons or, when the instrument is less portable, the teacher visits their studio. I spoke with several musicians who have studied with me over the years and have used the Technique to resolve physical problems and access more creative resources. Kevin Bents now produces albums and writes music for television for which he's won an Emmy , but when he came for lessons 12 years ago, he was primarily a sideman, playing keyboards in clubs and on the road.

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I felt I had this weird problem I carried around that no one was going to be able to do anything about. His neck tension pulled his chin forward and created some compression in his spine.

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Though this common posture may look cool or easygoing, it's really the result of muscular over-activity. Learning to free his neck and release downward pressure on the spine enabled him to sit more comfortably upright at the piano, with less tension in his shoulders, arms and hands. After two years of study, he says, "I felt a lot better.

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At that time, I was playing regularly at a club, and the carriage of my whole upper torso shifted appreciably. A lot of physical issues I had with the piano cleared up. I felt able to relax more as I was playing. Things that had been difficult for me became easier. He also acquired a new way to solve problems. Rather than forcing a change, I could progress and achieve goals through a process. The Alexander process is comprised of three interlocking skills: The teacher promotes these skills with a unique touch that elicits awareness, muscular release and the body's capacity to find its own inherent balance.

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Young kids begin with ideal posture: Acquired tension habits suppress this natural postural support system, and the teacher's role is to re-awaken it - through soothing touch, adept observation and coaching in specific skills that help you promote freedom in all of life's daily activities. After his first Alexander lesson, he found, "It was easier to walk.

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When I got to my front door, my wife said, 'Wow, you look so tall! Efficient movement distributes effort throughout the body and, rather than having his shoulders do all the work, his improved alignment creates a better support for holding the horn. David Weintraub came for a specific problem.

Alexander Technique and Playing The Piano

He couldn't get through a two-hour rehearsal without nagging lower back pain. More videos at AlexanderVideo.

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