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Most of these reports Results show a significant spatio-temporal variation in sparrow plagues, which we tentatively relate to dynamic environmental and agroecological factors. In addition, we also examine some sociopolitical, economic and historical features that could have shaped the plague indices.

Ardeola: International Journal of Ornithology

We particularly discuss the normative and legislative developments e. We conclude that textual data-based indices provide a suitable historical perspective of the agricultural impact of sparrows in Extremadura and of human perceptions of them.

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En particular discutimos el desarrollo normativo y legislativo p. Sign Up for E-alerts. Download to Citation Manager. Alert me when this article is cited: Roles of Raptors in a Changing World: Moult in Birds of Prey: Birds in Ecological Networks: Insights from Bird-Plant Mutualistic Interactions.

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Individual-Based Tracking Systems in Ornithology: Welcome to the Era of Big Data. Living in Environments with Contrasting Salinities: Indicators of Global Changes? Sign up for e-alerts. Looking for a job? Visit the BioOne Career Center and apply to open positions across the sciences.

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Log in Admin Help. Historia de la Villa de Luque. The Convention for the Protection of Birds in historical and juridical perspective. Lyster's International Wildlife Law. Bird damage problems in Argentina. Internacional Studies on Sparrows , 9: La caza en Valencia. The importance of being listed: Las aves como plaga, controles y manejo. Breeding season, population density and reproductive rate of the tree sparrow Passer montanus in Barcelona, NE Spain. Granivorous Birds in the Agricultural Landscape , pp. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. Estimating bird damage to rice in Africa: Journal of Agricultural Economics, Huelva en su historia, 3: Journal of Biosciences, Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada Europea Americana.

Heródoto: Los nueve libros de la Historia. Libro VIII. Urania

The International Convention for the Protection of Birds Extremadura ante la Guerra con Portugal — It was the starting point of a relationship which Herrera was able to maintain, beginning by doing the self-interested courtesy of dedicating his historical works which he had already started to important people. To get his acquaintance with the King started on the right foot, he translated from the Italian Giovanni Tommaso Minadoi 's Historia della guerra fra turchi et persiani.

While living in Pamplona he met the woman who would become his first wife, Juana de Esparza y Artieda.

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They married in and the union afforded him a social standing of a certain distinction, despite his not yet having secured significant capital or equity, although he was on his way to achieving it. Their only child, Juana, died in at a young age, three years after her mother. They had no children. During the years after the death of his first wife, Herrera dedicated himself to strengthening his position at Court, investing in real estate in Madrid, and of course, writing constantly, until he secured the post of Chief Chronicler of the Americas in , and of Castile in , with an attractive salary.

In he moved to Valladolid with the Court, and there pursued his tireless historiographical activity, along with that related to Court and the inevitable tasks of a financial nature.

In he returned to Madrid, living in a house on the Puerta del Sol and devoted to his literary tasks, where he enjoyed a comfortable and stately lifestyle. However, the economic intrigues in which he was involved led to his being placed under house arrest from to He continued his historiographical and literary activity until his death. Herrera died in Madrid on 28 March [1] or 27 March Obijt M[atriti] [anno] , die, 28 Mr.

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  5. He died in Madrid on 28 March She died on 30 March Nor is it a history whose underlying objective was to understand and evaluate events, rather it is fundamentally descriptive, leaving personal judgments to the side, retelling the events in which the Castilians were the main actors. These portraits constitute an accurate collection of the most famous of the conquistadors, and many of them are unique, which makes them especially exceptional. It eventually went into twenty editions, the last in under the auspices of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid , supplanting an earlier one by the Real Academia de la Historia.

    He also published Historia general del Mundo , written in the time of Philip II and divided into three parts, each of which is divided into books, and each book into chapters. The first part covers the years from to although it begins with the marriage of Philip II, before his accession, to Mary I of England in and was published in Madrid in and in Valladolid in , after which an improved second edition appeared.

    The second part covers the period from to and was published at the same time as the first, also appearing in a later second edition. Finally, the third part was published in Madrid in , and covers the period from to , ending with the death of the king. In it the author relates the "tumult, rebellions, acts of sedition and treason, uprisings, wars between peoples, captures of cities and castles, sackings, fires, truces, accords, broken treaties, massacres, deaths of princes, and other events from to